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Deposit Policy

All appointments are set with a $200 non-refundable deposit.

*If the tattoo takes more than one sitting, the deposit will carry over to each appointment and the value will go towards the tattoo at the final sitting.

*If you do not show up, or are too late to your appointment you will lose your deposit.

*If you need to cancel or reschedule you must do so at least 72 hours prior to your appointment. This allows time to find someone to take your spot and prep their work if needed.

*If you have to reschedule the same appointment more than 2 times, this will forfeit your deposit and you may not get the option of rescheduling again.

*If you need to reschedule you must choose a new date within 2 months or you forfeit your deposit. The deposit only applies to the agreed design and placement for the scheduled appointment date and time.

*If you make major changes the day of, the deposit will be forfeit and another deposit will be required for a new appointment.

*Please remember that tattooing is how I make my living and feed my family. If I'm not tattooing, I'm not making money, getting to enjoy my art or working with clients. Of course there are exceptions to these rules, just be respectful of my time and give me enough notice to fill your spot. 

What if I miss my appointment?

*If you do not show with out contacting, then you lose your deposit. If I agree to work with you again, a new deposit will be required and it will be doubled ($400).

What are your rates?

*My hourly rate is typically $180 and I work very efficiently. If the piece can be completed in one sitting I can give a more accurate quote.

How long are your sittings?

*Usually, I work a minimum of 3 hours, 4 hours is considered a full sitting. On the rare occasion, if we are close to finishing a big piece I will push it to 6 hours. Most clients are done at 3-4 hours, the tattoo process tends to get uncomfortable. 

How do I set up an appointment with you?

*All communication MUST start with an Appointment Request form, at the top or main page. Please ensure to include what you would like done, where, and any reference photos you may have. From there my assistant, Maria will be in contact with you. No communication via social media please.

What kind of tattoos do you do?

*I really enjoy, and am most comfortable with black and grey realism. I love doing portraits and animals. I am selective about color tattoos, mainly floral or animals. I do not prefer coverups, script and pocket watches.

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