Covid Update!

Due to shut down and still needing to accommodate my previously existing wait list, as of now Im estimating my wait time to be at least a year.

So I will be limiting the amount of new projects I take on until I can get caught up. I unfortunately wont have much time for small tattoos until I can get through my larger projects

     After recieving your tattoo request I'll determine if your idea is compatable with my style. I want you to get the best tattoo that you deserve, and sometimes that may not be from me.

     Im most comfortable with black and grey realsim and portraits. If your idea is something Im not comfotable with I will refer you to an artist that is better suited for your idea!

        Please note!

- I do not send out designs ahead of time


-Please do not send messages/images to any other email once you have sent your request. Once I respond to your request you can then reply back like normal with images if needed.

     Thank you so much for your interest in my work!


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